Patient Success Stories

I was going through menopause and could not use conventional hormone replacement. My symptoms were very severe. I had hot flashes constantly, mood swings, and I couldn’t sleep at night. I was having difficulty concentrating and I lacked energy. My doctor recommended bioidentical hormones as an alternative to conventional treatment, and it turned out to be a “miracle.” I was able to finally get relief from my symptoms and feel good again.

At Maida Pharmacy, I was tested and monitored to ensure proper dosages. I was checked on frequently to see how I was feeling. The care and advice I received made all the difference in the world to my quality of life.

I have recommended Maida Pharmacy to several of my friends who are going through menopause and feeling miserable using conventional treatment. I can’t speak highly enough about Maida Pharmacy, Larry Maida, and the staff of Maida Pharmacy. Larry Maida is an expert on the subject and takes the time to help you understand the medication. He truly cares how you are feeling.

- D.R. client of Maida Pharmacy since 2014
I was having complications with my thyroid medications. My hair was falling out, my scalp was dry, and there were changes to my vision. I heard good things about Maida Pharmacy, so I thought they could help. Switching to a compounded thyroid medication was the best decision I could have made. Across the board, my symptoms improved by ninety-five percent.

Larry Maida continually helps me to understand all aspects of my medications. I absolutely recommend Maida Pharmacy.

- M.M. client of Maida Pharmacy since 2014
Carmella is our 18 year old cat. The minute you sit down she’s on your lap. She knows when it’s 6:00 AM - breakfast time. At exactly 4:00 PM she’s in the kitchen expecting dinner. Carmella was abandoned in a parking lot of the local hospital. An elderly man feeding hersaid to us, “you take cat!” Ever since she’s been apart of our family.

Carmella needs medicine because she tends to throw up. She won't take a pill and medicine on top of the food doesn’t work - she eats around it. Applying a compounded form of her medication to her inner ear has made it so easy to give Carmella her medication. None of the other medications worked.

Maida Pharmacy has been wonderful to work with, and I appreciate that they realize how important pets are. Carmella is a very happy and loving 18 year old, and we thank Maida Pharmacy for its contribution to her health.

- Veterinary Client of Maida Pharmacy since 2015