Functional Pharmacy Program

Pharmacotherapy – or medical treatment with drugs – is one of the most common forms of treatment today, if not the most common. For most healthcare providers, drugs are an incredibly useful clinical tool; and for many patients, drugs are an effective treatment option. It’s no wonder! In some instances, drugs can cure disease; in other instances, a drug may alter the course of a disease making it more manageable. However, more often than not, drugs come with side-effects, and the benefits a drug provides becomes blurry. Instead of the miracle cure hoped for, the decision to start or continue drug treatment becomes more of a balance between risk versus benefit or pros versus cons. Complicating things even more are factors that vary from person to person. Comorbidities, concomitant medications, lifestyle, and most importantly patient preference all add to how a course of treatment with a drug will playout from person to person.

You Deserve Answers

Our Functional Pharmacy Program is meant to be educational, impactful, and worthwhile. It’s designed to clearly convey the risk and benefit of your medications as it relates to you and your life. A consultation will include a one on one conversation with one of our consulting pharmacists during which we’ll gather relevant clinical information and discuss your personal preferences and goals for treatment. We’ll use our expertise in drug therapy to assess the overall clinical appropriateness of your medications and provide you with the answers you deserve. Whether you’re unsure of starting a new medication, have a complicated medication list, are experiencing side-effects, or simply would like to know more about the medications you’ve been prescribed our Functional Pharmacy Program is a way take control of your health and wellness. More than just a onetime conversation, our Functional Pharmacy Program is meant to be an ongoing relationship. Your Personal Medication Record will be stored securely at Maida Pharmacy where, as time goes on, we can adjust it and continue the conversation about your medications.


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