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Hormone balance is a key component of health, wellbeing, and longevity. Major hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are responsible for a wide variety of bodily functions including maintenance of bone mass, cardiovascular function, and reproductive health. Stress response, memory, mood, and libido are also influenced by the major hormones.

Throughout a lifetime, a number of factors can disrupt hormone balance. However, one of the most common disruptors of hormone balance is the natural process of aging. With modern medicine allowing us to live longer than ever before in history we’re now faced with the challenge of chronic disease prevention and maximizing quality of life. Hormone replacement therapy is a cornerstone of this
treatment paradigm due to the crucial role hormones play in basic bodily functions. The conversation about living our healthiest as we age inevitably includes hormones. Our Hormone Wellness Program is an excellent place to start this conversation.

Our Hormone Wellness Program is a series of several consults meant to provide patients with an educational experience, lab testing, a treatment plan, and a note to your doctor explaining our recommendation. Here’s how it works:

1st Consult During your first consult, we gather your medical history, evaluate symptoms, and submit lab testing.
2nd Consult During your second consult the following is provided:
  • An interpretation of symptoms and lab results
  • A pharmacist recommended treatment plan
  • A note to your provider explaining our recommendation
3rd Consult If you provider agrees with our recommendation, we prepare your medication, discuss proper use, and how to monitor for effectiveness and tolerability.

If your provider disagreed with our recommendation, we reevaluate our recommendation carefully considering your needs. We may refer you to a network of providers experienced in hormone replacement.

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