Hormone Wellness Program

Be proactive about your health and well-being as it pertains to hormone balance by joining our Hormone Wellness Program. Schedule a consult with pharmacist Larry Maida, RPh. Larry has years of experience consulting with patients and providers on safe and effective use of bio-identical hormone replacement. He’s helped many patients achieve hormone balance and has educated a number of providers on the topic of hormone replacement therapy.

The right medications at the right doses.

Our consulting pharmacists work diligently and collaboratively as a resource for patients seeking relief from hormone imbalances.

This series of consultations is meant to:

- Educate patients so informed decisions can be made

- Evaluate whether hormone imbalances are contributing to symptoms

- Recommend a treatment plan and network of experienced providers

1st Consult: Educate and evaluate

During your first visit we gather your medical history, discuss symptoms your experiencing, and begin to formulate a pharmacist recommended treatment plan. We’ll submit appropriate lab testing, as well.

2nd Consult: Interpret, recommend, and collaborate

During your second visit, you’ll receive personalized material with an interpretation of your hormone evaluation, as well as a pharmacist recommended treatment plan. We’ll discuss available treatments and why we generally recommend hormone replacement with compounded bioidentical hormones. Also included is a note to your prescriber explaining our recommendation.

3rd Consult: Dispense and monitor

Prescriber agrees with our recommendation!

If your prescriber agrees with our recommendation, we prepare the medication! We provide tools to help monitor the symptoms your experiencing to aid the discussion you’ll have with your provider at your follow-up appointment.

Prescriber disagrees with our recommendation.

If your prescriber disagrees with our recommendation, our team critically re-evaluates our recommendation strongly considering our patient’s needs. If we feel treatment is still warranted, we refer patients to our network of experienced providers we collaborate with regularly.

What you go home with

An Introduction to Hormones and the Endocrine System –

We believe patient education is empowering


Explanation of Treatment Options – 

We want our patients to be aware of all treatment options - their effectiveness, tolerability, risks, and benefits.


Your Hormone Evaluation and Interpretation – 

Explained to you in a clear and to the point manner are the results of your hormone evaluation with our interpretation.


Pharmacist Recommended Treatment Plan -  

From a pharmacist’s perspective, we give our treatment recommendation. We invite collaboration with other providers to provide patients with the best treatment possible.


A Note to Your Prescriber -  

To communicate effectively with your prescriber what was discussed in the consultation, we provide you with a concise note explaining our treatment recommendation. If you do not have a prescriber familiar with bioidentical hormone replacement, we have a list of prescribers we work closely with.


At Maida Pharmacy, I was tested and monitored to ensure proper dosages. I was checked on frequently to see how I was feeling. The care and advice I received made all the difference in the world to my quality of life.
D.R. Client of Maida Pharmacy since 2014


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