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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy involves the replacement of the bodies naturally recognized hormones. The use of hormones identical to the bodies is crucial in terms of safety and effectiveness. While bioidentical hormones have widespread, beneficial effects, synthetic agents pose significant, well-documented risks. At Maida Pharmacy Compounding and Wellness we only compound with bioidentical hormones.

Perimenopause, Menopause, and Postmenopause
Menopause is a natural part of every woman's life, however, not all women experience menopause the same. Symptoms of menopause vary from person to person, but they all substantially impact daily life. Although symptoms vary in quality and severity throughout the three stages of menopause, the majority of women suffer from hot flashes and night sweats. Mood changes, sleep disturbances, problems with concentration and memory are common. Sexual function may be affected, as well. Intercourse may become painful, difficult, uncomfortable. In addition, drastic changes to hormone levels affect metabolism, altering body composition and bone density. The goal of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is to alleviate these symptoms and prevent complications by restoring the bodies naturally recognized hormones. Maida Pharmacy Compounding & Wellness is an outstanding place to start a conversation about your hormones. We offer consultations, hormone evaluations, and customized medications prepared in our state of the art compounding pharmacy.

Women’s Health
Menopause isn’t the only indication for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Women face unique health concerns throughout a lifetime, during which hormone replacement may be beneficial. Below is a list of conditions our compounding pharmacists can provide treatment options for. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Infertility Postpartum Depression Irregular Menses Decreased Libido Sleep Disturbances


Transdermal Pain Management
Pain is a complex, yet universally recognized phenomenon. There are a number of conditions resulting in the experience of pain. Often, pain becomes a lifelong struggle. For these patients especially, a multidisciplinary approach has proven to be beneficial.

Transdermal medications - meaning applied topically to the skin - can offer several contributions to your pain management. One contribution is the use of multiple medications, carefully chosen based on your type of pain, in one formulation targeting the underlying mechanisms of pain. A second contribution is the ability of transdermals to act at the site of pain, and related sites, lowering the risk of burdensome side-effects often experienced with oral medications.

Ultimately, a transdermal medication may help you reach goals set by you and your provider. For example, a transdermal may lower your daily dose of other medications; or, make falling asleep easier. An hour of grocery shopping may become tolerable. At Maida Pharmacy Compounding & Wellness, our pharmacists are experts in formulating transdermal medications.

Dermatology and Cosmeceuticals

A number of skin conditions can be managed with compounded medications. The advantage of a compounded medication is that it can be personalized. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or sensitive skin matters to us. We can choose a formulation which fits your skin type best. In addition, we have the ability to formulate with unique drug combinations, and strengths, to give you a customized medication tailored to efficacy and tolerability. Our compounding pharmacists have experience in managing acne, pigmentation disorders such as melasma and vitiligo; also, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea. We invite you to explore our website and visit our pharmacy. Our pharmacists will be an excellent resource for your healthcare.

Another service a compounding pharmacists can provide is personalized, non-medicated moisturizers, lotions and creams. These can be made preservative free, often incorporating natural products, with a texture and scent to your liking. We call these products cosmeceuticals, ask one of our compounding pharmacists about cosmeceuticals.

Thyroid Health

Thyroid hormones, T4 and T3, affect nearly every cell in the body, and are crucial for maintaining a balanced metabolism. Despite how vital the thyroid hormones are, imbalances are common. Low thyroid levels, or hypothyroidism, often presents as fatigue, irritability, memory impairment, and mood changes. Other typical signs are hair loss, dry skin, weight gain, and an intolerance to cold temperatures. Typical treatment is with T4, or levothyroxine (brand name Synthroid). Often this is a safe and effective treatment option for patients diagnosed with hypothyroidism. However, there are those who do not feel T4 alone adequately manages their symptoms. An alternative treatment option is compounded thyroid, which utilizes a blend of T4 and T3 to mimic physiological levels of each hormone. Compounded thyroid allows for more carefully adjusted doses based off symptoms and thyroid function tests, than do commercially available thyroid preparations.

Choosing a pharmacy with experience and dedication to quality is always important, but cannot be stressed enough when it comes to thyroid hormone. We offer consultations and thyroid hormone evaluations. Working with you and your prescriber our compounding pharmacists can build a personalized treatment of exceptional quality to help manage your symptoms.

Pediatrics and Family Medicine

If your child has difficulty taking medications, Maida Pharmacy Compounding and Wellness has ways to make administration easier, even enjoyable. Our pharmacists are experts in formulating medications as flavorful suspensions, utilizing customized flavors like chocolate-marshmallow, lemon-root beer, or raspberry-cream; classics like watermelon, grape, or bubblegum are also popular. We’ve had great success compounding dosage forms such as gummies and lollipops, too. Ask one of our pharmacists how compounding can benefit your family, you’ll be surprised what solutions a compounding pharmacist can provide.

Veterinary Medicine

Maida Pharmacy Compounding and Wellness can be an excellent resource for you and your pet. We have an extensive list of flavors and dosage forms suggestions to make administering medications easier. If you are having difficulty finding particular medication, we have access to drugs prescribed exclusively for pets. Local veterinarians contact Maida Pharmacy Compounding and Wellness for the medication-related solutions we offer. Ask one of our pharmacists if compounding can benefit your pet.

Compounding for Men

Men face unique health challenges throughout a lifetime. Our compounding pharmacists have the knowledge and resources to provide customized treatment options for several common ailments such as hormone imbalances, erectile dysfunction, and hair loss.

Mental Health

Whether you are trying to avoid side-effects, slowly increase or decrease a dose at a comfortable pace, or being prescribed a novel therapy, Maida Pharmacy Compounding and Wellness recognizes the benefits and challenges of drug classes treating mental illness. We can offer options for personalizing your drug therapy.

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