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Phytotherapy is an approach to treatment recognizing the medicinal properties of many plants. Plants possessing these healing properties are sometimes referred to as herbals. The use of herbals is often incorporated into a holistic approach to medicine, an approach recognizing that health is not simply the absence of disease but a state of complete physical, emotional, mental and social well-being. 

Herbal medicine has a wide range of applications able to facilitate the healing process of many scenarios. Herbalism has a rich history and a close relationship to the practice of pharmacy. In fact, many pharmaceuticals were inspired by phytochemicals in plants. Today, herbalism in itself is still relevant. Our compounding pharmacists are well-versed in the use of herbals in a traditional and evidence-based manner. We can speak to the effectiveness, tolerability, and safety of herbal medicines, as well as their interactions with disease states and pharmaceutical drugs.

Quality Herbal and Nutritional Supplements

At Maida Pharmacy Compounding and Wellness, we shelve reputable suppliers vetted for quality. Our consultation programs often incorporate herbal medicine recommendations addressing your unique concerns. Click here for more information on our Functional Pharmacy Program and Hormone Wellness Program

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  • Metagenics
  • Integrative Therapeutics
  • Pure Encapsulations
  • Wellness Works
  • Ortho-Molecular
  • Bluebird Botanicals

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