Thyroid hormones - T4 and T3 - affect nearly every cell in the body and are crucial for maintaining a balanced metabolism. Despite how vital the
thyroid hormones are imbalances are common. Fatigue, irritability, memory impairment, and mood changes are common symptoms of
hypothyroidism. Other symptoms are hair loss, dry skin, weight gain, and an intolerance to cold temperatures. Typical treatment of
hypothyroidism is with Synthroid, or Levothyroxine. For some patients, this may be an effective treatment. However, there are many patients
whose symptoms persist despite taking Synthroid (Levothyroxine). For these patients, adding T3 - the active form of T4 – may relieve symptoms.

Compounded Thyroid

Compounded thyroid replacement incorporates T4 and T3 at personalized dosed bases off objective lab testing and severity of symptoms. Though,
there are commercially available T4 and T3 medications (such as Nature Thyroid), these pharmaceuticals are limited to very specific doses.
Considering the potency of thyroid hormones T4 and T3, a personalized dose - formulated by our compounding pharmacist in collaboration with
your provider - is a valuable treatment option!

The New Frontier of Thyroid Management

Although, there is still much to be learned about managing hypothyroidism a growing number of healthcare providers are realizing, through
recent medical literature and clinical experience, combination therapy of T4 and T3 may be a treatment option for all patients, not just those who
have symptoms despite treatment with Synthroid (Levothyroxine). This practice has emerged from gathering medical literature bringing to
question the validity of thyroid lab values such as TSH to predict hypothyroidism, as well as the efficacy of T4 to restore tissue levels of T3. Other
medical literature is suggesting virtually all disease states disrupt T4 and T3 function at the cellular level warranting a personalized treatment
approach. Compounded thyroid provides this personalized care.

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