Transdermal Pain Management

Pain is complex. There’s an exhausting list of medical conditions from which pain can become a distressing symptom. Often, pain becomes a chronic, lifelong struggle. For these patients especially, a multidisciplinary approach is beneficial.

Transdermal medications - meaning applied topically to the skin - offers contributions to pain management. The use of multiple medications, carefully chosen based on the type of pain, in one formulation targeting the underlying and complex mechanisms of pain is one of these contributions. A second is the ability of transdermals to act at the site of pain, and related sites, lowering the risk of burdensome side-effects often experienced with oral medications.

Ultimately, a transdermal medication may help you reach goals set by you and your provider. For example, a transdermal may lower your daily dose of other medications, or make falling asleep easier. An hour of grocery shopping may become tolerable. At Maida Pharmacy Compounding & Wellness, our pharmacists recognize the complex nature of pain. We’re experts in formulating these preparations. We believe transdermal have the potential to be a tremendous addition to a pain management arsenal.

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