Pain Management

Pain is complex. For most patient’s, successful pain management is a difficult task. Left untreated pain can evolve into chronic, debilitating conditions. However, many of the medications used to treat pain have concerning side-effects. Maida Pharmacy Compounding and Wellness understands the complications associated with pain management. There are several ways our compounding pharmacists help patients!

Transdermal Pain Management

Transdermal medications are applied to the skin and absorbed at the site of application. Active ingredients are carefully chosen based off the type of pain, location of application, amongst other factors. This approach to pain management targets the site of pain and minimizes the risk of side-effects typical of pain medication.

Low-Dose Naltrexone

It’s hard to believe that a drug like Naltrexone - which blocks the opioid receptor - can treat chronic pain. However, at low doses in the range of 1mg-10mg naltrexone works by completely different mechanisms. When used in this dosage range, treatment is referred to as low dose naltrexone (or LDN).  Low dose naltrexone is an immunomodulator, meaning it alters the state of the immune system. This leads to a decrease in inflammation, particularly neuroinflammation. Since many chronic pain conditions are related to an over excited immune system, low dose naltrexone is used to treat chronic pain. In addition, low-dose naltrexone helps the body to increase its own production of endorphins, one of the bodies “feel-good” hormones – another mechanism thought to contribute to low-dose naltrexone’s ability to treat pain.   

Maida Pharmacy Compounding and Wellness prepares low dose naltrexone at patient specific doses. We regularly consult with patients and providers recommending starting doses and dose titration plans so a safe and effective dose is used. In addition, we are partners with the low dose naltrexone research trust, an organization promoting clinical research and education of this promising therapy. Click here to visit the LDN Research Trust website.


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