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We love our pets but giving them their daily dose (or twice daily dose) of medication can be difficult to say the least. Maida Pharmacy offers solutions to ease administration.  Our compounding pharmacists formulate medications into a number of different dosage forms. Oil based suspensions are a great way to mask bitter tasting drugs. For pets preferring something sweet, a tasty syrup is ideal. Some medications can be applied topically to highly vascularized tissue such as the inner ear. This is a popular delivery method for many of our cat patients, while many of our dog patients prefer a chicken flavored capsule or beef flavored chew. Ask our compounding pharmacists which delivery method is available for your pet!


Flavorology – it may not be a degree offered at our neighboring Tufts University just yet, but we take it seriously none the less. Making a medication palatable is no easy task, but our compounding pharmacists can turn a nasty medicine into a tasty treat. This is done by considering properties of the drug. Drugs can be bitter, sweet, salty, acidic, even sour. Certain flavors may mask a bitter tasting drug but do little to mask an overly sweet drug. In addition, we consider the species of your pet. From parrots to iguanas, ferrets to guinea pigs we have a recommended flavor! Ask our compounding pharmacists which flavors are best for your pet’s medication!


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